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Omniscience (2023)

Instrumentation: cello and piano

Duration: ca. 11'

First performed: April 9th, 2023 by Alex Levine (cello) and the composer (piano).





Program Note

The title of this work is derived from an interview with the filmmaker David Fincher, in which, talking about his use of camera movement, he says:


“I just love the idea of this omniscience, like, the camera goes over here kind of perfectly, and it goes over there—and it doesn’t have any personality to it, it's very much like what’s happening was doomed to happen.”


There are films whose cinematography immerses the viewer in the narrative with its use of movement, hand-held shots, and close-ups; and there are films in which static or slowly moving tracking shots, which give no hint of a human being behind the camera, predominate. 

This work endeavors to capture the unfeeling, chilly, detached aesthetics of the latter.

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 7.49.25 PM.png
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