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Campagna Romana III for clarinet, viola, and cello (2023)


Omniscience four studies for cello and piano (2023)

the acceleration of days for string quartet (2022)

Transience four journeys for string sextet (2021)


A Moment's Notice for string quartet (2020)

Octet (2019)


Hommage à Fabergé for violin duo (2019)


Intermedio for six players (2018)

The Fountain for string quartet (2018)

The Temptation of Saint Anthony for eight players (2018)

Stilleven for string trio (2017)

Suibokuga for flute, clarinet, viola, and percussion (2016)

Suite for Piano and Percussion (2016)

Three Miniatures for clarinet, violin, and cello (2013)



Governing Forces for orchestra (2023)

interferer for fifteen players (2022)

Two Sensations second chamber concerto for twelve players (2021–22)

Columbia, In Old Age for large orchestra (2020)


Archons for seventeen players (2019)


Chamber Concerto for fifteen players (2017)


Avifauna for piano (2024)

Campagna Romana II for cello (2023)

Two Offerings for violin (2023)

finding a line for violin (2022)


Impromptu after Man Ray's Revolving Doors for piano (2021)

Six Pieces after Man Ray's Revolving Doors for piano (2020)

An Open Room In Fenway Court for horn (2021)


Flourishes for piano (2020)

Campagna Romana I for double bass (2020)


The Prophet's Song for trombone (2016)

A Brief Glow in the Dark for glockenspiel (2014)


A Fragile Light for soprano and violin (2023)

Whirlpool for mixed choir or eight solo voices (2022)

Madrigals In Ancient Time for mezzo-soprano and trio (2019)

Five Expressionist Scenes for baritone and trio (2018)

Cripple for soprano and piano (2017)

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